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Consumer Information Systems is America's premier provider of identity theft protection services. CIS was the first company to provide identity theft protection services over a decade ago, setting industry standards for excellence.

Today, CIS prides itself in cutting edge technology, delivering the very best products and services available to consumers.

In today's fast paced digital age, protecting your good name is more important than ever. The overwhelming explosion of identity theft teaches us that no one is safe. CIS provides multiple levels of service that help prevent and protect you and your family.

I would like to thank you for visiting Consumer Information Systems and learning about the outstanding products and service we provide. Being smart today, means being secure tomorrow.
Anthony L. Costantino
President & CEO
January 2011 - CIS announces the launch of the IDLock Authorized Dealer Program.

October 2010 -
CIS prepares for the launch of

September 2009 - CIS announces a partnership with Raising Revenue.

June 2009 - CIS acquires IDLock and

March 2009 - CIS signs fulfillment agreement with GSLM Holdings.

1999-2005 - CIS products appear on the television shows: America's Most Wanted, the John Walsh show, Larry King, Oprah Winfrey, Montel Williams, CNN & Fox News.

April 1999 - CIS announces the launch of the John Walsh StreetSmart project, in conjunction with the television show America's Most Wanted.